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    FIRST - Adam's Story


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    FIRST - Adam's Story Empty FIRST - Adam's Story

    Post  Jett-2213 on 9/2/2013, 11:54 pm


    An Angel is supposed to be holy.

    They are the servants of God, the highest divine being in the world, therefore they are also divine. The typical appearance of an angel is that of a beautiful being with gorgeous pallid wings that radiate with celestial light. With that in mind, they must be innocent and holy.


    I knew an angel once. Though she did not hold most of the standard characteristic of one, in my eyes she was the epitomy of a celestial being. She was my light. She was my sky. She was my life. She was even going to bear a child who would carry on my name. A child born from an angel. An angel itself.

    That was, until the Project happened.



    Why am I cursed like this?

    Why am I alive now?

    Why did I volunteer?

    Why did she volunteer?


    Why must I bear this burden? Why must I bear these wings!


    It is almost comical.

    The very image of irony.

    I am now the one who bears the image of an angel, a divine being with radiant wings.

    Yet I am no innocent.

    Yet I am not divine.

    My wings are dark, the color of the moonless night.

    No light shouds me.

    I am a broken angel, a reject.

    An abomination.


    An Angel... is supposed to be holy.


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