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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path

    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path

    Post  Allan 0526 on 20/7/2012, 6:59 pm

    "Computer, access Isotope profiles. Open Allan 0526, enter Journal Entries. Unlock hidden folders, access Private Folders, enter folder "Twisted Path", access code A3C670526. Play all entries," Allan said to the computer. After being back now for a few weeks, and the successful defense of the base during Operation: Broken Men, there was a lot of downtime, and not much to do. Of course, the other Isotopes would practice their powers. But Allan's scared him. Too much; it was like an addiction. It was far preferable to live in the past. "Project the entries onto the ceiling," He ordered.


    "Computer, I'm scared," A small blonde boy. He huddled in the corner, clutching a small stuffed bear tightly.

    "That is a rather logical emotion at the moment."

    "But Computer, its not just the program or the tests. Its the others. They hate me for no reason, and I just don't understand it! How can I get them to like me?"

    "Far too difficult a question to answer."

    "You're the only one who even talks to me though, surely you can help?" The boy cocks his head, eyes affixed at an unknown point on the wall. After a moment of dense silence, he walks out of the room, tears in his eyes. The bear remains in the corner.

    The camera view switches to the overhead security videos, showing Allan walking down the halls. They are empty this late at night. A new person enters the screen from the far right. A girl, judging from the long hair. Perhaps slightly older than the boy, but still young. The boy shyed to the other side of the hall as she walked closer.

    "Hey, do you know where the bathroom is? This place is so huge that I get lost around every corner." The camera zooms in closer. Long raven black hair down to her shoulders, a lanky body.

    "Yes, I know." Allan says, seemingly cowering before the questions.

    "Well, could you show me where please? The girl's one, obviously." She said, a small, uncomfortable smile appearing on her face as she stood crossing her legs tightly.

    Silently, Allan pads down the hall, and then points to a small door on the left hand side.

    "Kid, you look new around here. What's your name?" She asks, walking towards the door.

    "My name's Allan." He replies, staring at her as she walks away.

    "Mine's Audrey. I'm sure we'll see each other around, but this is kind of an emergency. Until next time!" She says with a small wave, before hurrying through the door.

    The words "Subliminal Mental Chip" flash across the screen. Allan's voice fills the room. That's the first time anyone in this facility was nice to me! And she was a girl! Normally girls are generally meaner to me than anyone else. How strange. Maybe we could be friends! The mental stream pauses No, no one would want to be friends with me. I'm not normal, I have no powers.

    The camera flips back to security view. Allan is walking down the hallway. Suddenly, red lights flash all around. The doors up ahead fly apart, and standing there is a man, eyes a strange color, hair knotted and blowing in the wind. The boy keeps walking.

    "Stand back kid. I'm not here to hurt you. Just tell me where Clayton is and I'll be on my way," He says. But Allan continues to walk forward. "I didn't want it to come to this," The man barks, before unleashing a long whip of flame across the hall. Strangely enough, it seems to avoid Allan.

    "Stop where you are!" The man yells, leveling both of his hands down against Allan. The flames emberize both sides of the hallway, but the little blonde boy continues walking undeterred.

    "Gerald, Gerald I need backup! They have a nuller!" The man with the wild-eyes screams, black hair flipping back and forth. The radio is blank, only static. Allan pulls his arm back, and brings it flying forward, and flames of his own erupt from his hands, charring the man's side to a crisp. Ashes flutter to the ground. The man's deep red eyes bulge as the pain wracks his nervous system. The camera pans to show other Isotopes running forth to meet the threat.

    The black haired man with the red eyes quickly turns, and holds his left side with his hand as he runs out of the facility. He risks the time to turn one time, and looks directly into Allan's eyes. "Next time we meet, I'll kill you!" He yells over the silence, before disappearing into the night.


    "End of Entry One." The computer murmured. Something about this made Allan hesitate. Until just a few weeks ago, he had no idea he even had powers, but here, this video had recording of flames leaping from his hands when he was still young. Why didn't he remember this?
    Allan 0526
    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Part Two

    Post  Allan 0526 on 20/7/2012, 7:01 pm

    "You know the drill, computer. Twisted Paths folder please," Allan said, leaning back on his bed and marvelling at the speed of which it mavigated through the paths and security locks. His eyes still were a deep red from the days of crying. Occasionally, he would have some conference with Aiden and Orcus, or perhaps a meeting with the Generals. But the empty hole in his life from the lost isotopes still burned and cindered. They were all he had of a family. And now, he was forced to fight against them; And now... all of them were gone. Well, all except ever serious Aiden and Orcus the ditz. His birthday had come and passed. 17, going on 18 now. And still he was fighting for a lost cause, his powers still a mystery. So far, the entries hadn't given him a clue to his mysterious abilities. They seemed to come and go at random. It really didn't make sense...

    "Entry 31."
    An older Allan floated in the air. His eyes glow a deep, bright green as lightning arced from the tips of his fingers, striking Clayton's cold, brick shield and shattering it to dozens of pieces.

    "Excellent 526!" Clayton shouts out. "Now come back down, and stop hovering about." The lights in his eyes slowly dimmed back to blue, and he lowered his way down to the ground.

    He lifts up his eyes to his teacher, Clayton. One of the eldest of the Isotope, and commonly acknowledged as one of the wisest in the entire facility. And yet, still even he had no idea as to Allan's abilities.

    "Your powers are different each day, Allan. It doesn't seem to click, how they switch so randomly. I wish I had some reason, some answer to your search, but as of yet, I still don't know." He pauses, and clears his throat. "General Lakas and the other higher ups want to have you 'terminated.' But that just seems cruel and inhuman. They have given me two other options. I can wipe your mind and send you out on your own. Or, we can uncover your true powers, and remove them. The... tempermental nature scares the commanders, Lakas particularilly. But either way, I will have to wipe your memory. The secrets of the Isotope program have to be hidden away; if Jvstice or the Halogens were to learn what you know, we would all be dead." Clayton looks into Allan's eyes, his tan pupils dilating to the light. "Go. You have two days, and then we will wipe your mind, one way or another. I'm sorry Allan."

    The camera follows Allan as he walks into the hall. He looks frantic, scared. This isn't the way it was supposed to end.
    Allan 0526
    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Part 3

    Post  Allan 0526 on 20/7/2012, 7:10 pm

    "Looks like you're in a bit of a panic, mate!" A strange man bounced up next to Allan. He was racing quickly back. There was only one person who might be able to help him. Maybe she knew what he could do, how his powers worked. Sometimes, perhaps, it was easier to see things from the outside.

    "You have no idea who you're dealing with. Please, just leave me alone." Allan mumbled, hurrying on, staring down at the floor.

    "Woah, woah there! I was just trying to help!" he caught a glimpse of the strange man, hurrying along next to him. "Hey, come back here! Girl problems? I could help!" Allan turned to see he was already a few hundred feet in front of the running man. How had it happened? That was yet to be uncovered. Strange things happened around here. But he had to get away, get to Audrey. She would know how to help.

    He ignored the strange, accented shouts of the Australian Isotope, continuing on to Audrey's chambers. Room 1242. And he quickly rapped his fists against the door, again and again. Strangely enough, it didn't hurt. Instead, his fists quickly dented the doors and punched through. And there, standing inches away from the holes in the door, was Audrey. Ever since that day years ago, she had been the only person he could really talk to anymore.

    "Audrey, Audrey please let me in! I need your help!" His eyes desperately pleaded with her.

    "Well of course, just wait a moment and get your fists out of my door!" She laughed with a hesitant smile. But seeing the look in Allan's eyes, she quickly became somber. "Right, come on in." The door opened and he quickly took a seat in the standard issue armchair in the corner.

    "Go on. Talk." Audrey said, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

    "I've got two days left to live! Clayton wants to wipe my mind, erase my memories! He says my abilities are too dangerous, too random; if they don't figure out what makes me click, they will wipe my mind and release me into the world. It's a death trap out there Audrey! I wouldn't live more than a day! Even if they do figure out how to work my powers, they'll still drain me of them and then send me out on my own. I don't know what to do anymore! It's not the way things are supposed to be! Why can't I just be normal like everyone else? I don't understand…" His words trailed off as tears filled his face.

    "Relax for a second. No one is going to hurt you, we'll figure a way to get you out with your memories. And how to use your powers." Sympathy flashed in her eyes as she handed him a tissue.

    "Wait. Hang on," Allan said, his face lifting entirely up with a puzzled expression. "What just happened?"

    "I handed you a tissue, you dolt," she said with a smile.

    "No, your eyes. They changed, I could see it. Why?"

    "My eyes are the same as they always have been. Maybe you're just delirious. Come on, I'll walk you back to your room. If you've got two days, there's no point in not sleeping. We'll work on it in the morning." She replied, grabbing his arm and helping Allan back to his feet. She had already seen the future, seen that he would fall asleep within minutes of the vision. She had seen it seconds before he had knocked on her door. And now it would come to pass.

    "But… but I understand…" He murmured. "I'm sure…"

    "Hey, quiet. We're not even supposed to be out this late. Quit mumbling, and I'll get you back to your room. Sleep, and we'll talk in the morning. Ok?"


    By the time they were near Allan's room, Audrey was dragging his feet across the floor. And he was sound asleep, snoring. Her bleary vision quickly glimpsed the nameplate '0526' And she lifted his hand up to the scanner. It opened on the touch.

    "Go on, sleep." She said, draping his body down into his bed.

    The walk back was silent, the only sound the continual noise of the clocks lining the hall. Each tick, her friend was one second closer to the end of life as he knew it. And somehow she was supposed to figure out how to save him.
    Allan 0526
    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Part 4

    Post  Allan 0526 on 20/7/2012, 7:15 pm

    The sun gently arced through the shaded windows, lightly landing on Allan's closed eyelids. He slowly opened them up, and reached back his arms in a massive stretch, only to realize there was something glowing on his wrist. And unlike a normal watch, this was counting backwards. The current clock read 36:10:02, the far right end ticking down in seconds. What happened in 36 hours? And then it hit him.

    The Isotope Program. Genetically imbued superhumans. Strange, seemingly random morphing powers. Clayton's threat that he would have his mind wiped in 48 hours. Audrey's eyes changing.

    Things came in waves to Allan. And these types of mornings, the amnesiatic awakenings, were the worst. To feel the weights and responsibilities of the world lifted, and then so quickly replaced. But he had a lead! As well, Audrey had said there would be a way to get him out of the facility! So with a bounce in his step, he threw on his orange jumpsuit and made his way down to breakfast. Allan hadn't made it 20 steps before the strange Australian caught back up to him.

    "Hey, did anybody tell you that ignoring people is a bit rude, mate? I don't even know your name. Mine's Nathanael, by the way. Most people call me Nate," He said with a massive beaming grin, extending a hand. Allan was a morning person, and the fellow didn't seem quite as annoying after a full night's sleep.

    "Nice to meet you. My name's Allan," He said, reaching out and gripping the other man's hand.

    "Woah! Has anybody ever told you your eyes change color?"

    "Many times. Its just one of those unexplainable querks." The walk down to breakfast continued with the same onslaught of useless questions, Allan trying to avoid giving up too much information about himself.

    "Watch this!" Nathanael said, bounding up and leaping onto a table. His feet spun gracefully in the air as he somersaulted, rolled to the ground, and cartwheeled straight forward into the front of the food line, with a crash of applause.

    "Thank you, thank you. I'm here for the next couple decades. As well, this is my friend Allan, and he's going to join me in the front of the line. I hope you don't mind," He said, turning to the Isotope behind him. Nate could tell from his facial expression that he wanted to complain, but all the eyes in the cafeteria were turned towards him.

    "Fine, go ahead," The man grumbled, staring down at the ground.

    "Wow, thanks!" Allan whispered, following in step behind Nathanael.

    "Oh, think nothing of it. The people here love me. I'm like their idol. With superpowers," He added, scooping a massive helping of applesauce onto his plate.
    Allan 0526
    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Part 5

    Post  Allan 0526 on 20/7/2012, 7:16 pm

    Breakfast was done in a hurry; Allan watched, disinterestedly, as Nathanael shoveled down his food, and promptly went back up for seconds and even thirds. After a while, it was so disgusting even he had to avert his eyes while eating.

    "Well, it was nice sharing breakfast with you, but I've gotta be off. Best of luck with that egg," Allan said, pushing in his chair and wiping down the counter with a napkin.

    "Hey, chum! If you need any help, ever, and I mean ever, please let me know. That's what I'm here for. That and eating. Well, and entertaining as well I guess." He blabbered out between mouthfuls of food.

    Isotope 0526 had never been one for long good byes. He had a hidden secret to solve, an escape attempt to master, and an ever ominous cloud of mind wipe scariness on the horizon. His pace quickened as he dropped off the tray on the conveyor belt, and continued through the facility to Audrey's room. Along the way, Allan carefully kept his eyes averted from the others; they were strange, and the majority seemed way too large or loud to talk to.

    "Audrey! Open up the door…" he whined, hitting the doorbell for what felt like hours straight. Finally, a groggy faced, wild haired Audrey slowly nudged the door open.

    "Do you ever sleep? What do you want?" She groaned, taking a sip from a mug on her dresser.

    Allan gaped ever so slightly, for just a moment. The night gown standard issue for Isotope girls was obviously far different from the guys… No baggy boxer shorts and cheap flimsy T-Shirt there… Were they maybe specially fitted…? … But his mind quickly rerouted back to the task ahead.

    "Uh… Remember last night, when I was talking like a lunatic? What did I say?" His memories were still a bit blurry, maybe it would be best to back it up with facts.

    "Right. You said something about eyes. And flashes? I'm not really sure," she trailed off. "Would you like something to eat? I've got plenty in the fridge," Audrey said, reaching to open it.

    "Nah. I just ate. But flashes? When did I say it?"

    "Right after I handed you a handkerchief. I think. By the way, I think I might have an idea for how you can get out."

    "That's really strange. Y'know, just this morning Nate reminded me that my eyes change color. Do you think I was like possessed by some strange spirit trying to send me a message, and Nate was really just a figment of my imagination… Nevermind. What's your plan?"

    "I get to come with."

    "Wait, what?" Truth be told, Allan really was happy his friend cared enough to tag along. But for some reason or another, he felt the need to protect her. At the facility, Audrey was safe. But out running for her life was entirely different. "I really, really don't think that's a good idea."

    "Fine. Then you don't get to hear my expert escape plan." She stared off into the corner of the room, pretending to pout. And there was that feeling again. It gave Allan butterflies in his stomach. What's wrong with me? And suddenly, he felt incredibly awkward. The few seconds that had passed felt like a dozen minutes of silence, and he was sure Audrey had caught him staring.

    "Yah, wait, I really don't think that's a good idea." He found himself repeating words, tripping on his tongue. "What if something dangerous were to happen? You'd be far safer back here at the facility."

    "You know, you're ridiculous sometimes. I'll take that lack of a no as a distinct yes. Now, out of my room so I can put some clothes on, and then we'll be off to see my escape route," She said, grinning from ear to ear.

    Allan blushed and quickly turned and walked out the door to give her some privacy. Escape… was it really possible? It was definetly a necessity, given the circumstances. But he wished Audrey would stay here, and stay safe. However, she could be handy to have around in a fight, and perhaps predict the future? Maybe.

    His mind continued to fight with itself until Audrey came out in her orange standard issue jumpsuit. "Well, it's good to see you finally presentable!" he said with a quick smile. "Now where are we off to?"

    "Right. I have a friend who told me about a secret passage under the walls. Supposedly, its in the room right next door to Clayton's, so we'll have to be careful to make sure he's not in."

    "Don't you have anything you want to bring with?" Allan asked hesitantly.

    "Nah. Nothing from this place ever really mattered anyway. C'mon, let's get going."
    Allan 0526
    Allan 0526
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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Re: Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path

    Post  Allan 0526 on 21/7/2012, 8:26 am

    Twisted Path 6

    “Wait, so who told you about this escape tunnel?” Allan said, hurrying to keep pace. For a girl, she moved fast.

    “A friend,” Audrey mumbled, continuing onwards, determination etched into her expression.

    “Won’t they come after us?”

    “Well, probably. But they would come after you anyways, so where’s the harm? Don’t you want to keep your memories?”

    “Well, yes...”

    “Hush, we’re getting close. No noises from here on out.” Silently, the crept along the hallway. Allan glanced across, noticing the nametags on the door. Dante, Clayton... if any of them came out, the plan was dead. Audrey placed her hand on the closest door,silently keying in a ten digit security code. The door opened, and together they stepped into the unknown.

    The room was strange, empty of furniture. In the center was a small, glowing elipse about the size of a six year old. The walls were flawless stainless steel, and the lights glared off of them at alarming angles, blinding anyone who looked anywhere.

    The door closed behind them. And then, the darkness was a blessing. Only the small, glowing object was visible.

    “Yah, so this is the part I forgot to tell you about. We’ve got to go through that.” Audrey gulped, staring at the strange portal.

    “Wait, you’re serious?!” Allan whisper-yelled, but he was talking to thin air. Audrey was already through. With a deep breath, he paused, and then climbed haphazardly into the doorway... and he was gone.
    “We have doubted your loyalties to this program for quite a long time, 1242.” The man said. “This final test appears to be more than enough proof to convince Clayton, the sentimental fool. Don’t even try to struggle; I know you can’t see, but there are Isotopes surrounding you, prepared to kill you if I give the word.”

    He smiled, hidden by the blanket of darkness. “Yes, you’re visions of the future could be quite helpful, if you were somewhat more... cooperative.” He lashed out, catching Audrey in the back of the legs. She dropped with a wordless gasp of pain. “But that’s not you, is it? You see, we want your powers. But without those nasty habits of having a personality. Of trying to run away. We need... a different Isotope 1242.”

    A small flash, and Allan tumbled forth from the portal.

    “Ah, 0526, the temperamental Isotope. It looks like you’ll be having your mind wiped far sooner than you had planned on it. But not first without the proper punishment that comes to deserters. Harken, take him.” The man growled, a sense of command in his voice.

    “Woah, not so fast buddy,” Allan barked, hands glowing and sparking. The entire room lit up ominously, the circle of Isotopes around the two of them. Audrey was on the floor, blood coming from her leg.

    “Back off. Now.” He reached down, helping Audrey up on her feet. “You okay?” he whispered.

    “As good as I’ll ever be.”

    “Did you not hear me? I said sieze them!” As one, the circle moved in. Audrey rolled out, sweeping her legs about in a semicircle, knocking down two of the Isotopes. With quick punches, she pummeled them down, blood dripping off her hands. Allan reached back into his mind, breaking the barrier. As one, his hands lifted, launching a cascade of lightning in a chain through the four nearest Isotopes, who dropped to the ground, likely going through cardiac arrest. Yet, where others fell, more poured in. Audrey was on her feet again, bouncing and fighting off a man with fists of steel, dodging blow after blow.

    “We’ve gotta get out of here!” Allan yelled above the ruckus. With no response, he ran over, grabbed her by the waist, and flew, higher and higher. They crashed through the stained glass ceiling window, and out into the open sky. He pushed harder and harder, willing his powers not to give out. They were over the wall, and into the woods when Allan’s strength finally faded, and he crashed to the ground, skull pounding from exertion.

    “Wow, some escape tunnel,” He mumbled, before closing his eyes and letting darkness overcome him.

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    Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path Empty Re: Allan's Backstory: Twisted Path

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